Luxemburg-Casco High School

Luxemburg-Casco Baseball Senior Day: Bryce Hanmann

nger playing days. Bryce also credits his uncle as well for teaching and coaching alongside his dad and giving him pointers and tips as he was coming up. Bryce has lots of fond memories from his playing days with friends, family, and being coached by his father and Uncle. He cites that once as a youngster they lost a game to a talented Green Bay Sluggers, and the opportunity presented itself to play them the following day. Bryce was not a fan of the decision, and in fact was put on the mound to pitch in addition to his lack of interest to play this team again. He ended pitching a one hit, three inning gem, but credits the loss to fellow Senior Jake Cravillion for giving up a Grand Slam to a future Clemson commit. His fondest moment of this was the opposing coach after the game driving by just pointing at him and smiling as he drove away. The recognition may have been little and unseen to others, but affirmation from an opposing coach has stuck with Bryce to this day. This can remind us that simple acts of good can go a long way and mean a lot more than we know. So fast forward to 2020 to a young man with a big heart and a bright future. Bryce is heading to UW-Madison in the coming year to enroll in the Kinesiology program where he hopes one day to find himself on the training staff of a professional sports team. Helping others and being around sports will be a great fit for Bryce. In his leisure he also enjoys fishing, boating, and napping. The napping probably ensues after he downs a plate of his favorite ribs. Outside of baseball, Bryce is a decorated student have been named at one time the class president. Bryce thanks his dad for the past entirety of his life for being his role model. From coaching, teaching, to just supporting him. Bryce told us that when he looks down the road 30 years, he wants his life to mirror that of his father’s and everything his father has accomplished. Bryce, we’re going to miss the positive spirit, the joyful laugh, and the big heart you shared with us over these past years. Good Luck to you moving forward 21! Everyone, join me in congratulating Bryce Hanmann!


Picture courtesy of Luxemburg-Casco Baseball Facebook page



Luxemburg-Casco Soccer Senior Day: Natalie Haen

Our final senior to honor is Natalie Haen. Natalie is a hardworking and motivated player. She is selfless and always puts the team first. Her sophomore year the team was in need of a goalkeeper; Natalie stepped up into the role even though she had no prior experience. This position can be very difficult to play but Natalie was fearless in that position and put in a lot of work to continuously improve. Her strong work ethic led her to being voted the hardest worker on the team the past two seasons and being selected as honorable mention all-conference. Her selflessness and leadership will be missed.

Luxemburg-Casco Soccer Senior Day: Ally Zimmerman

Today we are honoring senior Ally Zimmerman. Ally is a hard working player that always gives 100% when she’s out on the field. Throughout her high school career she improved and became more aggressive and confident throughout each season. She is the definition of a true team player and was always supporting her teammates whether she was on the field or sidelines. She knows the meaning of being a part of a team and creating a family like atmosphere. She has stepped up as a leader and was always welcoming to the younger players. Her kindheartedness and hard work will be missed.

Luxemburg-Casco Soccer Senior Day: Madi VandenBush

Today we are honoring Madilyn VandenBush, the first of our three seniors. During her soccer career, Madi has overcome a lot of obstacles but has maintained a positive attitude. Right before her junior season she tore her ACL. However, she did not let this stop her from being a part of a sport she loves. Madi put in a lot of hard work to rehab and get ready to play again. The coaches were very impressed with Madi’s work ethic this off-season and the positive role model she became for the other players. Unfortunately, Madi tore her ACL again right before her senior season of soccer was supposed to start. Once again she remained positive and immediately said she still wanted to be a part of the team as a manager this year. Sitting on the bench watching teammates play can be difficult but I think this shows a lot about Madi’s character that she was willing to still be there for her teammates. Madilyn's positive personality will be greatly missed next year.

Spartans athletes workout online

Luxemburg-Casco athletes can have a familiar face to work out with online.


Coach Tyler Hammond has started a Facebook page to post workouts for athletes to get workouts done at home. The page will also include the accomplishments and achievements of other Spartans athletes. Hammond is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at the Bellin Hospital Titletown Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Center in Green Bay.





Luxemburg-Casco Baseball Senior Day: Jake Cravillion

 Jake has been playing baseball like many of his teammates since a young age, 6 to be exact. He played up until his 8th grade year and then took a brief hiatus in his first year of high school, but attributes missing that time and fun with his friends to getting back into it his sophomore year. Jake compiles all his fun and joy spent with fellow teammates on the field during practices and games as his fondest memory. He can’t put into words one exact moment, to him it was overall memory he’ll keep with him of the everyday camaraderie with his buddies. Jake wears the Spartan Jersey #9 and crept his way higher and higher up in the batting order last season leading him to an All-Conference Honorable Mention as an Outfielder. In his free time, when he isn’t working for McMahon’s Furniture, he enjoys a good Joe Rouer’s burger with some friends. We are going to miss the energy this young man provides us everyday. Here’s to the guy who never seems to stop smiling. Congratulations Jake, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


Picture courtesy of L-C Baseball Facebook page


Luxemburg-Casco Baseball Senior Day: Trenton Dart

We honor Trenton who was looking to step on the field this year after taking off last season to recover from an ACL Surgery. He admits its one of the toughest things he’s accomplished in his life to date. Recovery was a year of hard work and determination which prepared him for the field this spring. Trenton loves baseball and started playing at the young age of 6 to be a part of a team and play with his friends. His fondest baseball memory he recalls is the first homerun he smashed in little league and the cheering from family and friends as he rounded the bases. Growing up, Trenton credits his dad for teaching him the game and helping with throwing him batting practice in the cages, hitting him ground balls and playing catch. Trenton told us that his father is his role model and wants to mirror his work ethic as he moves on in life. Next Year Trenton will be enrolled into the Mechanical Engineering program at UW-Platteville. Trenton’s plans are to take his degree and get more involved in the field of satellites or rockets and one day work for NASA or SpaceX, and hopefully that is someplace warm he would like to add. Trenton, on behalf of the Luxemburg-Casco Baseball community, we thank you for your time and energy put into this program and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!'s Champion of Champions Series: 2000 Luxemburg-Casco Cross Country

The 2000 Luxemburg-Casco girls cross country team was hungry after finishing the runner-up the year before.


Led once again by Mark Annoye, the Spartans watched current conference rival Oconto Falls run away with the 1999 title, beating the defending state champions 66-91.  It was an experienced team that ran the 2000 race, led by a fourth place finish by Abby Widmer (15:11), 20th place finish by Jessica Shefchik (15:44), 39th place for Stephanie Dantinne (16:00) and 41st place for Jessica Lemens (16:01). Freshman Rachel Porath rounded out the top five for state champions. Porath would later go on to be force for the school's girls' basketball program before starring at UW-Green Bay. The Spartans edged Pewaukee 81-86 to win their fifth state title. 


1. Luxemburg-Casco             

            4   10   20   22   25  (51) (61) =    81

          Abby Widmer 12   15:11, Jessica Shefchik 11   15:44, Stephanie Dantinne 12   16:00, Jessica Lemens 12   16:01,

          Rachel Porath  9   16:05, Kristin Joniaux  9   16:45, Stephanie Zagar 11   16:57

  2. Pewaukee                    

            3    7   12   27   37  (41) (85) =    86

          Amy Wike  9   15:10, Jessica Keber 11   15:22, Krystle Kempen 10   15:50, Sarah Spangler 11   16:10,

          Alex Rolfsmeyer 10   16:27, Jennie Stoll  9   16:32, Jamie Marincic 12   17:47

  3. Amery                       

           11   15   17   30   31  (74) (80) =   104

          Stephanie Scheidler 12   15:50, Britt Betzold  9   15:53, Melanie Frey 10   15:55, Amanda Doroff  9   16:12,

          Megan Frey 10   16:13, Casey Cardinal  9   17:15, Maureen Sondreal 12   17:32

  4. Two Rivers                  

            1   32   33   39   47  (69) (93) =   152

          Marcia Taddy 10   14:58, Katie Plansky 12   16:16, Krista Fredrickson 12   16:17, Sara Debauche  9   16:31,

          Laura Neuenfeldt  9   16:41, Kristina Trastek 11   17:11, Lisa Rezash 12   18:08

  5. Whitewater                  

            9   16   19   52   70  (91) (95) =   166

          Teresa Stanley 12   15:32, Katie Olds 12   15:54, Jess Miller 12   15:59, Sarah Grubb 12   16:45,

          Alison Kyle 11   17:12, Caitlin Penington 12   18:01, Stephanie Strasser  9   18:52

  6. McFarland                   

            5   35   36   50   62  (84) (89) =   188

          Alissa Bennicoff 12   15:14, Maggie Sullivan 10   16:24, Madelyn Mauer 11   16:26, Anna Hacker  9   16:44,

          Jacquey Mauer  9   16:58, Lindsey Hurley 10   17:44, Elena Goodrich 11   17:57

  7. Oconto Falls                

            8   26   38   59   60  (90) (94) =   191

          Trina Hobyan 12   15:27, Amanda Cook 11   16:09, Shelley Fabry 10   16:28, Katrina Fabry 12   16:52,

          Amanda Beaumier 10   16:53, Melissa Fabry 11   18:00, Katie Cook 12   18:35

  8. New Richmond                

           14   21   46   55   63  (73) (82) =   199

          Abby Demulling 11   15:52, Jessie Ulrich 12   16:00, Heather Zimmerman 10   16:40, Kim Van Dyk 10   16:49,

          Karrisa Meyers 10   17:01, Abby Abramson 10   17:14, Liz Rasmussen 12   17:37

  9. Dodgeville/Mineral Point    

            2    6   43   72   79  (83) (88) =   202

          Michaela Courtney 11   15:04, Katrina Rundhaug 10   15:16, Amie Draves 10   16:35, Jacki Wauzak 11   17:13,

          Megan McGraw 10   17:27, Beth Wyman 12   17:37, Melissa Lipska 10   17:53

 10. Mauston                     

           23   24   42   53   71  (75) (81) =   213

          Erin Radant 11   16:04, Kim Ness 12   16:05, Stephanie Morris  9   16:35, Bridget Ackman 11   16:48,

          Devin Kuwitzsky 11   17:12, Sarah Gruen 10   17:20, Jenny Connors 10   17:36

 11. Watertown Luther Prep       

           18   29   44   56   78  (92)      =   225

          Anna Bourman 10   15:58, Heidi Kehl 12   16:12, Sallie Pannenbacker 12   16:36, Megan Goede 12   16:50,

          Heidi Zimpelmann 10   17:24, Ericka Manke 10   18:05

 12. Lakeside Lutheran           

           28   40   48   57   58  (64) (87) =   231

          Kelly Allen 12   16:11, Brittany Veale 11   16:31, Alyse Hebbe  9   16:41, Amanda Bartsch 12   16:51,

          Brenda Lenser 11   16:52, Hannah Schmiege  9   17:02, Nicole Gurgel 12   17:52

 13. Altoona                     

           13   45   49   65   77  (96)      =   249

          Angie Hong 12   15:50, Margaret Meinen  9   16:40, Emily McBride 10   16:43, Amanda Mayo 11   17:04,

          Kaela Wold 12   17:23, Rachel Morgan 11   19:25

 14. Tomahawk                    

           34   54   66   67   68  (76) (86) =   289

          Bridgette Fischer 10   16:19, Carmi Pietila 10   16:49, Lindsey Menebroeker 10   17:05, Kelly Theiler 12   17:05,

          Kelly Schaffer 12   17:07, Alicia Weiger 10   17:22, Ellie Farmer  9   17:50's Champion of Champions Series: 1998 Luxemburg-Casco Cross Country

After almost 10 years away from the podium, Luxemburg-Casco's girls cross country team finally got their name called last at the famed state cross country course in Wisconsin Rapids.


The girls ran a longer 4K course at this time and despite not having a single runner in the top 10 overall, it was the only team with all five of its scoring participants in the top 30. Abby Widmer led the way for the Spartans with a time of 15:29, good for 11th place overall. Stephanie Dantinne and Jessica Lemens finished back to back in 23rd and 24th place respectively with both breaking the 16-minute barrier. Six of its seven runners finished with a sub-17 minute time.


1998 WIAA  State Cross Country Championships



1Sarah GruberChilton14:572Suzanne Petta Platteville14:583Jolene HansenMauston15:004Abby HurstLittle Chute15:015Alissa BennicoffMcFarland15:036Leslie PattersonPark Falls15:057Rina HobyanOconto Falls15:098Sarah FlinkColby 15:149Brianna DahmTwo Rivers15:1510Karin DiestelmeierAltoona15:1611Abby WidmerLuxemburg-Casco15:2912Ann KnudtsonEvansville15:3113Erin GoebelDarlington15:3214Amber ConverseWhitewater15:3315Kara VostersLittle Chute15:3716Anne PorterEast Troy15:4017Beth HauserChilton15:4018Jessica KeberPewaukee15:4019Bethany OttesonPrairie du Chien15:4320Jackie LangeGrafton15:4521Sara PavekDodgeville15:4622Kijah HansonViroqua15:4723Stephanie DantinneLuxemburg-Casco15:4824Jessica LemensLuxemburg-Casco15:5325Michaela Courtney Dodgeville15:5526Jill ChevrierAmery15:5527Hannah VanweeldenWauwatosa West15:5628Jesse UlrichNew Richmond15:5829Megan MeardyMauston15:5830Rena JohnsonNorthwestern15:5831Laura MuskatevcWauwatosa West15:5932Angie HongAltoon16:0233Teresa StanleyWhitewater16:0234Maureen RukaTomahawk16:0235Lisa KuhlAmery16:0636Lisa ChristophersonAmery16:0637Emily OlsonMt. Horeb/Barneveld16:0638Amanda CookOconto Falls16:0739Sara DebakerLuxemburg-Casco16:0840Stephanie TeplinShorewood16:0841Rachel MroczenskiTomahawk16:1042Carol NeumannKewaskum16:1143Jessie MillerWhitewater16:1144Ginny TreuRandom Lake16:1345Ashlie UmlauftColby16:1446Teresa BrownTomahawk16:1547Aniya DeitzPark Falls16:1548Kristin PattersonPewaukee16:1649Alison ShattuckRipon16:1650Jessica RiestererKiel16:1751Kelly TheilerTomahawk16:1752Jessica ShefchikLuxemburg-Casco16:1853Anissa SzsterniakBerlin16:1954Rhonda PloeckelmanColby16:1955Missy PaulsonWittenberg-Birnamwood16:2156Lauren GinderBerlin16:2357Carrie BulowMount Horeb/Barneveld16;2758Erin RadantMauston16:2759Sheila SchwartzSheboygan Falls16:3160Tiffany KlettMauston16:3261Abby AltergottLittle Chute16:3462Kelly SchafferTomahawk16:3663Kristin Clements Mauston16:3764Stephanie ArendtLuxemburg-Casco16:3865Mel MurrayMount Horeb/Barneveld16:4066Angie DebruinLittle Chute16:4167Kelsey FaschingbauerAmery16:4268Jennifer DoudMount Horeb/Barneveld16:4469Dana VerbruggenLittle Chute16:4470Shannon DwyerPewaukee16:4571Megan HintzChilton16:4572Kristen AndersonMount Horeb/Barneveld16:4573Janine ZurcherChilton16:4674Kari JeskeAmery16:4875Megan MonroeWautoma16:5176Becky TheisMauston16:5977Sharah GrubbWhitewater17:0078Kaela BenderMount Horeb/Barneveld17:0079Ellen NosekWhitewater17:0180Mel MarkleinDodgeville17:0481Aubrey ParsonsChilton17:0582Jamie SchneiderChilton17:0783Jenny PertersonBerlin17:1084Hannah RadantMauston17:1185Lisa PritzkowPewaukee17:1586Marie PokrandtBerlin17:1687Michelle DeGrandTomahawk17:1988Shelly SolbergColby17:1989Michele PokrandtBerlin17:1990Elaine KellerPewaukee17:2091Becca FloodMount Horeb/Barneveld17:2092Sheila PloeckelmanColby17:2293Alicia HolmesAmery17:2494Tressa YoungAmery17:2795Rachel BuschWhitewater17:3096Charity FeldrueggeColby17:3597Jamie LeveranceTomahawk17:3998Jodie PlatkowskiChilton17:4299Asley BorneDodgeville17:46100Jamie MarincicPewaukee17:48101Steph DravesDodgeville17:55102Kame WestermanDodgeville18:00103Jody LobergerLuxemburg-Casco18:04104Lindsay JohnsonDodgeville18:16105Nikki PribnowBerlin18:29106Anne RybrockLittle Chute18:30107Amanda WilliamsPewaukee18:36108Linda CollinsWhitewater18:37109Kelsi SchusterBerlin18:38110Erin UmlauftColby18:49111Kathy PeetersLittle Chute20:20

Team Standings

1Luxemburg-Casco5-11-12-21-28 (38) (76)  77
2Mauston2-15-33-34-37 (49) (57)  121
3Tomahawk17-22-25-27-36 (60) (70)  127
4Little Chute3-7-35-40-43 (79) (84)  128
5Amery14-18-19-41-48 (66) (67)  140
6Whitewater6-16-23-50-52 (68) (81)  147
7Chilton1-8-45-47-54 (55) (71)  155
8Mt. Horeb/Barneveld20-32-39-42-46 (51) (64)  179
9Colby4-24-30-61-65 (69) (83)  184
10Pewaukee9-26-44-58-63 (73) (80)  200
11Dodgeville10-13-53-72-74 (75) (77)  222
12Berlin29-31-56-59-62 (78) (82)  227's Champion of Champions Series: 1989 Luxemburg-Casco cross country

The 1989 state champion Luxemburg-Casco girls' cross country team featured some familiar faces, and not just because they were on the 1987 squad.


Led by Mark Annoye, Tracy Wendricks (15th, 12:28), Monica Thiry (48th, 13:00) and Ann Destiche (4th, 11:50) returned to bring the trophy back to Luxemburg after a year away. Destriche crushed her time from the last state championship, dropping her time by almost a minute to give the Spartans the coveted one spot for scoring teams. Three of its top five runners finished in the top-10 of title-eligible squads. There was plenty of family on the team as well with Destriche being joined by Joan (11th, 12:22) and the Stahl family was represented by Jenny and Becky.


Another Destriche, Mary, would win the individual title in 1990, but the team would finish as the runner-up to Mount Horeb. The Spartans beat second-place Verona in 1989 by a score of 85 to 97.


1989 WIAA State Cross Country Championships 
CLASS B GIRLS Individuals  

(Top 25)PlaceNameSchoolTime
1Anne SkaalandWittenberg-Birnamwood11:352Wendy LichtStanley-Boyd11:393Jeni NiesenWaunakee11:484Ann DesticheLuxemburg-Casco11:505Rachaell FondaClinton11:596Tanya ChristiansonValders12:007Michelle RuschValders12:098Paula GarrisonOmro12:139Andrea BeunigNew Richmond12:1410Melissa NelsonValders12:2111Joan DesticheLuxemburg-Casco12:2212Raven StrutzMcFarland12:2313Michelle HagenChetek12:2714Jincey ZuehlkeLakeland12:2815Tracy WendricksLuxemburg-Casco12:2816Corinne SpaayMount Horeb12:2917Jill VannulandLittle Chute12:3018Lauri VogtKewaskum12:3019Katie GrafDeForest12:3120Dannie PremoWest Salem12:3221Jenny MayerNew Holstein12:3322Marnie RykalChetek12:3423Jennifer JerbekRipon12:3524Anne GatzkeRipon12:3525Sara PettaPlatteville12:3626Amy HainesEast Troy12:3727Pam RaffettoStanley-Boyd12:3828Sue DaggettRandom Lake12:3829Kristen BusbyPark Falls12:3830Cindy HalbachKiel12:3831Brooke VerwiebeMayville12:3932Christy PetersonPark Falls12:3933Jennifer PeckOsseo-Fairchild12:4034Kim BarrettVerona12:4335Kari HartmanVerona12:4436Nicole ChapmannVerona12:4537Melanie SheldonDeForest12:4738Shannon HuntVerona12:4839Kathy PoetzelPark Falls12:4940Jenny Anderson nChetek12:5041Melanie KlitzschVerona12:5142Laura CrabowskiWaterford12:5243Melissa BainFreedom12:5544Amy AndrewsPark Falls12:5645Heidi ClowAshland12:5746Erin DailyHolmen12:5847Josh Van VleetMondovi12:5948Monica ThiryLuxemburg-Casco13:0049Chirssy HaldermanWaterford13:0050Claudette RastallHolmen13:0051Katie FondaClinton13:0052Dawn WolterWest Salem13:0253Lisa HartmanTurner13:0354Sarah WilliamsClinton13:0355Vicki SandersRipon13:0456Michelle RastallHolmen13:0557Sara KolmanVerona13:0558Elissa ChristiansonChetek13:0559Jen VoldClinton13:0560Kristi EbertMcFarland13:0861Kelly EllingtonMayville13:0962Liz JohnsrudMcFarland13:1063Meideth RileyRipon13:1264Jenny StahlLuxemburg-Casco13:1565Kim JohnsonValders13:1766Kristen BrownWaterford13:1867Kendra VolkerVerona13:1968Robin ThompsonMayville13:2069Becky StahlLuxemburg-Casco13:2370Asil TimeMayville13:2371Andrea FeuchtMayville13:2472Nicki WalterMayville13:2773Tera OlsonHolmen13:2974Lisa CheesebroMayville13:3175Reba WilliamsClinton13:3276Erika KeehnMcFarland13:3577Jodi ErbChetek13:3678Theresa HutchinsonLuxemburg-Casco13:3779Nancy TyoundHolmen13:3780Jill JuszczykMcFarland13:3781Tiffany WillMcFarland13:3882Cindy JacobsonHolemn13:3883Robin BreenPark Falls13:3984Sandy TollefsonWest Salem13:4685Ann HubbardWest Salem13:4786Melanie LealosPark Falls13:5487Stefanie SchlieferWest Salem13:5688Vicki UnderhillClinton13:5789Kerry CollinsWaterford14:0290Renee OlafsonPark Falls14:0591Corey NewmanChetek14:0692Sharon DahlmanChetek14:1093Fern UglemHolmen14:1494Joni CalhounWaterford14:1695Lisa HardtClinton14:1896Rebekah BrinkRipon14:1897Annette ScotelloRipon14:1998Andie PedersonValders14:2399Brenda StenzelValders14:27100Sherry TollefsonWest Salem14:29101Tamara EisnerValders14:39102Sunny HermansonWest Salem14:40103Kim ByrneWaterford14:49104Tanya FoxRipon15:01


Team Standings

1Luxemburg-Casco1-6-9-27-42  85
2Verona17-18-19-20-23  97
3Valders3-4-5-43-76  131

4Chetek8-11-22-36-55  132
5Park Falls14-16-21-25-61  137
6Clinton2-30-32-37-53  154

7Ripon12-13-33-41-74  173

8Mayville15-39-46-48-49  197

9McFarland7-38-40-54-58  197

10Holmen26-29-34-51-57  197

11West Salem10-31-62-63-65  231

12Waterford24-28-44-67-72  235's Champion of Champions Series: 1987 Luxemburg-Casco Cross Country

After coming up just shy of winning a second straight state title, the 1987 Luxemburg-Casco girls' cross country team was able to prevail once again.


During the drought, the Spartans reached the podium as a team in 1983 and Carrie Haen reached the summit as an individual a few years later. In 1987 it was a different Haen that led the charge with Leann Haen running a 12:15 on the 3200-meter course. All five scoring runners placed in the top 35 of team title contenders, with Tracy Wendricks (20th, 12:27), Ann Destiche (27th, 12:36) and Cleo Dorner (36th, 12:43) all breaking the 13-minute barrier. It would be the first of four Mark Annoye-led teams to win a state title.



1987 State Girls Cross Country Championships

Class B

Team Standing


Score NameScoresTotal

1Luxemburg-Casco4-8-15-21-34  82

2Ripon1-10-16-20-46  93

3Clinton2-18-19-27-32  98

4Nekoosa3-9-17-33-36  98

5McFarland7-12-24-30-38  111

6Mauston6-11-25-39-41  122

7Slinger5-22-26-35-51  139

8Chetek14-29-37-40-42  162

9Hortonville23-28-47-53-54  205

10Phillips13-31-44-63-68  219


Individual (3200 Meters)


1Jill GeerRipon11:36

2Jeni NiesenWaunakee11:57

3Andrea BeuningNew Richmond12:04

4Ann BoydDePere12:08

5Rachel FondaClinton12:11

6Leila DeLanceSt. Croix Falls12:14

7Chris Le DucNekoosa12:15

8LeAnne HaenLuxemburg-Casco12:15

9Cindy RiedwigDeForest12:16

10Diane BreuerSlinger12:17

11Ginny ClaasLake Mills12:18

12Tara BeerPlatteville12:19

13Julie HugMauston12:21

14Wendy WiegertMishicot12:22

15Rachel ShermanEast Troy 12:22

16Nancy KowalskiCuba City12:23

17Michelle KopackyEast Troy 12:23

18Lori HilgersMcFarland12:25

19Tina RitschardMount Horeb12:26

20Tracy WendricksLuxemburg-Casco12:27

21Lisa GaffneyNekoosa12:28

22Vicki SandersRipon12:28

23Tanya WallerMauston12:29

24Liz JohnsrudMcFarland12:30

25Nicole Heath Phillips12:32

26Marnie RykalChetek12:33

27Ann DesticheLuxemburg-Casco12:36

28Jenny JerabekRipon12:37

29Jenny BowmanNekoosa12:38

30Jen VoldClinton12:39

31Toni FalknerMondovi12:41

32Heidi SutterMount Horeb12:41

33Heather MartensWaunakee12:42

34Amy KlenzClinton12:42

35Anne GatzkeRipon12:43

36Cleo DornerLuxemburg-Casco12:43

37Stacey KundingerSlinger12:44

38Shelly HoffmanWhitewater12:44

39Kris StiebsHortonville12:45

40Robin KrisherMcFarland12:49

41Nicki LedermannMauston12:49

42Stacey AmesSlinger12:51

43Lisa PikalekClinton12:57

44Michelle SperlHortonville13:06

45Jill Van NulandLittle Chute13:10

46Melissa ChristiansonChetek13:11

47Heidi HelmsMcFarland13:12

48Jill LacinaPhillips13:12

49Sara HoweClinton13:13

50Amy WintersNekoosa13:14

51Monica ThiryLuxemburg-Casco13:15

52Brenda ZimmermanSlinger13:16

53Kathy WilhornNekoosa13:17

54Liz FredricksonChetek13:23

55Raven StrutzMcFarland13:25

56Tammy LangeMauston13:25

57Michelle HagenChetek13:26

58Chris RobbinsMauston13:27

59Kim HansonChetek13:27

60Shelly SmithClinton13:29

61Pam ProhaskaPhillips13:32

62Sally SuessLuxemburg-Casco13:34

63Mary LeitzRipon13:34

64Lori HostettlerHortonville13:37

65Colleen EvensonNekoosa13:38

66Val VossClinton13:39

67Corey NewmanChetek13:40

68Julie DreuerSlinger13:40

69Liz ZellmerRipon13:41

70Vicki VoeksHortonville13:42

71Cindi ColombeHortonville13:42

72Shannon BishopMauston13:46

73Kara KleinhansSlinger13:48

74Lynn KnutsonMcFarland13:52

75Melissa BredlNekoosa13:55

76Erika KeehnMcFarland13:59

77Tara SandkanChetek14:00

78Jenny BishopMauston14:03

79Kathy RitgerSlinger14:06

80Alicia UpsonPhillips14:07

81Dee GolubaRipon14:08

82Kelly SpringstrohHortonville14:11

83Tammy KloehnHortonville14:12

84Carrie WardLuxemburg-Casco14:40

85Tammy MorrePhillips14:48

86Cindy GagoPhillips15:46
's Champion of Champions Series: 1982 Luxemburg-Casco Cross Country

Every cross country powerhouse needs a start, and for Luxemburg-Casco it was 1982.


Coached by Russell Fameree, the breakthrough came one year after the Spartans came in second place to Verona by just a mere five points. In a two mile race, the Spartans placed five runners in the top 20, blowing past their rivals from Verona 40-81. Sue Rabas paced the Spartans with a time an 11:46 to come in sixth, followed closely by Jill Stahl with a time of 11:56 to finish in tenth. The third-place finisher for the team was Carrie Haen, who would go on to win an individual state title in cross country in 1985.





1Patti FriscoAshland11:29

2Rene LabergeOmro11:36

3Peggy BarryMount Horeb11:39

4Cheryl NiederbergerVerona11:39

5Lori WolterSauk Prairie11:41

6Sue RabasLuxemburg-Casco11:46

7Karen VangrnsvenLittle Chute11:50

8Kathy HeinPortage11:51

9Carla HaighMondovi11:52

10Jill StahlLuxemburg-Casco11:56

11Michelle PriceDodgeville11:57

12Jackie AndersonMount Horeb12:00

13Kim BallietPortage12:09

14Sarah HiettUnion Grove12:11

15Beth RaubeLomira12:14

16Carrie HaenLuxemburg-Casco12:15

17Dianna JohnsonVerona12:17

18Amy PetersLuxemburg-Casco12:17

19Cathy VandemarCampbellsport12:23

20Lynn BoucheLuxemburg-Casco12:25

21Beth ScharonbroughKiel12:29

22Tiffany FoxMarkesan12:32

23Staci KehrmeyerMayville12:32

24Mary KoskeyWittenberg-Birnamwood12:35

25Denise HauckPortage12:36

26Karen NesvacilCadott12:37

27Sheryl RennTomahawk12:38

28Carmen HerbstMount Horeb12:39

29Cheri VesterBig Foot12:40

30Mary HanceWittenberg-Birnamwood12:41

31Lucy FenzlPark Falls12:44

32Mary FettenColby12:47

33Trudy SchwennVerona12:48

34Becky WittEdgerton12:49

35Judy RozmarynowskiWittenberg-Birnamwood12:50

36Heidi ZuelsdorfMayville12:51

37Peggy ThomasSeymour12:52

38Michele JohnsonVerona12:52

39Tracy CodaNorthwestern12:52

40Karen SodermanMayville12:53

41Brenda EllisBig Foot12:55

42Sherry EricksonNorthwestern12:56

43Kim ArnoldColby13:00

44Sheryl GauthierWittenberg-Birnamwood13:01

45Shari ExoVerona13:03

46Kathy ArmstrongNorthwestern13:05

47Lisa PatePortage13:07

48Janna JohnsonVerona13:07

49Julie YeagerWittenberg-Birnamwood13:07

50Amy WillsonPortage13:09

51Gail HanseterSeymour13:13

52Amy DemuynckUnion Grove13:14

53Rosie SuritaMayville13:15

54Colleen MathiasLuxemburg-Casco13:16

55Sue BoothPortage13:18

56Sue MeenColby13:21

57Sara SpaayMount Horeb13:22

58Amy YeagerWittenberg-Birnamwood13:23

59Dawn McKeeverHortonville13:24

60Traci ZimmerMayville13:27

61Lori FinkMayville13:27

62Barb KnitterMount Horeb13:29

63DeeDee DerenneLuxemburg-Casco13:30

64Pam HalopkaColby13:32

65Miki BachhuberMayville13:34

66Jill BitnerNorthwestern13:37

67Kelly KeiferNorthwestern13:39

68Sue BachColby13:45

69Janice RaivalaNorthwestern13:47

70Mary FoxVerona13:50

71Sue MalaszPortage13:53

72Ann StruederUnion Grove13:55

73Colleen KellyHortonville14:00

74Wendy NelsonNorthwestern14:01

75Kelly UlmanHortonville14:02

76Teresa BarryMount Horeb14:03

77Shelly PassehlWittenberg-Birnamwood14:09

78Mary Jo SchnurHortonville14:11

79Karen AbelHortonville14:15

80Cathy StieberColby14:21

81Kammi KalscheuerMount Horeb14:29

82Georgia LeudahlUnion Grove14:29

83Bridget MeyerColby14:31

84Chris HinrichsUnion Grove14:42

85Karen KeekerUnion Grove14:47

86Rhonda RetlaffHortonville15:04

87Julie HirsigUnion Grove15:34

88Mary RauschHortonville15:48


Team Standings


1Luxemburg-Casco3-5-9-11-12-36-45  40

2Verona2-10-19-22-28-31-52  81

3Portage4-7-15-30-33-37-53  89

4Mount Horeb1-6-16-39-44-58-63  106

5Wittenberg-Birnamwood14-17-20-27-32-40-59  110

6Mayville13-21-24-35-42-43  135

7Northwestern23-25-29-48-49-51-56  174

8Colby18-26-38-46-50-62-65  178

9Union Grove8-34-54-64-66-67-69  226

10Hortonville41-55-57-60-61-68-70  274



Teams discuss potential summer season

Area high school teams are weighing their options for potential action this summer.


The WIAA canceled the spring season last week due to COVID-19 concerns, but it left the door for teams to start up July 1st for 30 days. It allows a couple of weeks in between the truncated summer and the fall season and would allow seniors to wear their alma mater's colors one more time before starting college. Luxemburg-Casco track coaches met virtually with its team Monday about the possibility of possibly competing in July, even if it is just an intrasquad meet.

Luxemburg-Casco shines light for spring athletes

Luxemburg-Casco showed its support for its spring sports athletes Monday night by simply flipping the switch. 


The school district lit up its outdoor sports facilities in support of its spring sports athletes, which have had their seasons uprooted thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It follows a trend started earlier this month when Kewaunee and Southern Door participated in a similar light-up campaign. Spring sports athletes have a glimmer of hope that a truncated season could take place when the WIAA meets on Tuesday via teleconference.


Picture from Luxemburg-Casco Soccer Club



Former L-C star Schiltz catches Green Bay elite eight appearance

Out for most of the year with an injury, former Luxemburg-Casco star Cassie Schiltz is catching fire in the Green Bay women's basketball lip sync championships.


Lip syncing the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Fishin' in the Dark," Schiltz defeated Meghan Pingel's take on "International Harvester"  in the Sweet 16 round in the 2020 Green Bay Women's Basketball Lip Sync Battle. Schiltz will have a tough task in the elite eight round if she wants to set up an All-Kewaunee County semifinal with former Algoma standout Anna Dier. She will have to topple head coach Kevin Borseth for that right.'s Champion of Champions Series: 2010 Luxemburg-Casco Softball

Twice was just as nice for Luxemburg-Casco when it captured its second straight softball championship in 2010. 


The Spartans matched their success from the year before on the mound, allowing just two runs in two days including a shutout in the state title game against Rice Lake. In its 5-2 victory over Fort Atkinson, Kalli Schmelzer went the distance, allowing just one earned run while scattering just five hits. The game was tied 2-2 heading into the top half of the seventh inning when the Spartans exploded for three runs. Mariah Mleziva was responsible for two of the three runs, tripling home Lacey Agamaite before she scored on a wild pitch.


In their 4-0 win over Rice Lake, the Spartans once again struck late, including a three-run sixth inning to put the game well out of reach. Schmelzer allowed just one hit in her second complete game of the tournament while striking out six. The Mlezivas and the Detervilles keyed the offensive rally in the sixth inning. Dawn Deterville drove in Missy Mleziva to drive in a run and scored on a wild pitch while Danielle Deterville was up to bat. Mariah Mleziva scored on an RBI hit by Amanda Engebose. The state championship game against Rice Lake saw the Spartans tie a state record with six sacrifices.'s Champion of Champions Series: 2009 Luxemburg-Casco Softball

Luxemburg-Casco limited its opponents in the 2009 state softball tournament to just a run apiece en route to its first state championship in the sport.


Danielle Deterville proved to be kryptonite for bats at the state tournament, pitching complete games in both contests, allowing just one run each game and scattering a total of just nine hits. Deterville provided much of the offense in the team's opening game against Altoona, driving in two Spartans on an RBI single in the team's 3-1 win.


The Spartans would clinch their first softball state championship with a 4-1 win over Monroe. Lacey Agamaite opened the scoring by reaching home on a wild pitch followed by Steffi Kinnard driving in her first of two runs by plating Nicole Bruening. The Spartans would scored more insurance two innings later thanks to another Kinnard RBI hit and her alert base running on an error.


It was the first state championship in its second try for the Spartans, repeating the feat the following year. We will highlight that team later this week at

L-C wrestling announce academic all-state nominees

The Luxemburg-Casco wrestling team believes it has three members that were among the best on the mat and in the classroom in the past year.


Easton Worachek, Hunter Joniaux, and Lucas Joniaux were nominated to earn the status of an academic all-state wrestler. The honor is open to those wrestlers who had at least a 3.5 GPA and were a sectional qualifier. 



Woracheck to continue his career

After a year off, Colton Worachek is heading back to school. 


According to the Luxemburg-Casco Wrestling Facebook page, L-C alum and volunteer Assistant Coach Worachek will continue his education and wrestling career at Itasca Community College in the fall. The last time he took the mat competitively was 2019 when he ended his state championships weekend on a high note with a win in the 3rd place match at 160 pounds. He was a three time state qualifier, placing twice. Itasca Community College is based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.'s Champion of Champions Series: 2019 Luxemburg-Casco Volleyball

The Spartans won their first-ever state championship on the floor of the Resch Center as the #3 seed, sweeping Wisconsin Lutheran 25-15, 25-22, 25-23 in the semis and beating McFarland in straight sets 25-21, 25-17, 25-23.


In the semi-finals, the Spartans girls jumped out to a 9-1 lead in the first set and cruised to a 25-15 win.  Set two saw the Spartans control most of the game and led from start to finish to win 25-22.  The final set was a see-saw affair that saw the Vikings take a three-point lead only to have the Spartans come back and prevail 25-23. 


In the finals, Luxemburg-Casco fought off a furious rally by McFarland in the third set to capture its first-ever state volleyball title. Finding themselves down early in the first set 8-2, Luxemburg-Casco was able to regroup and took control late to win 25-21, capturing seven of the final 10 points. Luxemburg-Casco made McFarland dig out of 13-6  hole, but never let them get within striking distance in the second game, winning 25-17. Championships are not meant to be easy and Luxemburg-Casco found that out in the third game. McFarland got out to a 13-7 lead before head coach Jeff Frey called his first time-out to stem the tide. It worked as Luxemburg-Casco captured five of the next seven points before McFarland showed a burst of its own, forcing Frey to call another timeout. Luxemburg-Casco would score 11 of the final 15 points to clinch the title. Hannah Derenne showed nice touch in many of her team-leading 14 kills while Grace Holschuh added another 11. Bekah Day registered 39 assists in her final match for Luxemburg-Casco while Alli Routhieaux led the team in digs with 13. A relatively even game statistically between the two teams, Luxemburg-Casco outpaced top-seeded McFarland in kills 45-27.


Click here to see the trophy presentation



L-C track coach wants to keep pursuing the dream

Luxemburg-Casco track coach Neil Seering is hopeful the season can get underway by April 6th.


Addressing his team via video, Seering gave his team a variety of updates and tips on how to stay in shape for a season that could start as soon as the beginning of April. He pointed out the family atmosphere he has helped create, pointing out the hope that the seniors can have some kind of closure to their career and new members to stick with the program. 



Luxemburg-Casco suspends athletic season

Following the lead of many universities and colleges, Luxemburg-Casco School District is shutting down its athletics programming until further notice.


Canceling the athletic practices is part of a multi-prong effort to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. Other actions included in the release include canceling all after-school activities, restricting the use of the building by non-school groups, postponing large school events, and keeping an eye on the travel of their staff and students. School as of right now is a go for Monday, but students are being asked to bring home their textbooks and computers just in case. You can read the full release below:


March 13, 2020 2:42 PM CST

Yesterday, Governor Tony Evers declared a State of Emergency (Low Level) regarding COVID-19. Today, school leaders from Kewaunee County, along with the Kewaunee County Health Department, collaborated to prepare for next steps in the event that the State of Emergency level continues to rise.

At this time, school will be in operation as normal unless new information warrants a decision should be made otherwise. Strictly as a precaution, your child’s teachers have asked them to bring home textbooks, (Chromebooks for high school students) and other instructional materials in the event that we decide or are directed to close for a period of time. It is important to note that we are taking all recommended precautions. As a reminder, the pace and scope of change is very rapid and therefore we will be communicating updates frequently as new information becomes available.

The Kewaunee County team of educators and Public Health officials will be reconvening again on Sunday, March 15 to discuss any new developments.

The following preventative measures have already been enacted by the L-C School District:

We are actively following the travel plans and subsequent restrictions of both our staff and families. At this time, those restrictions apply to level 2 and 3 international communities as well as the state(s) of California, Washington, New York and cruise ship travel. Currently, a 14 day quarantine is highly recommended for anyone returning from these areas.

Large group events such as concerts, banquets and other similar gatherings will be suspended until further notice.

Until further notice we are suspending all after-school activities effective immediately. This means no athletic, club or play practices will be held. We will also be restricting our building use by non-school groups outside of the regular school day.

Please understand that new information is coming out on a frequent basis and thus we are doing our best to communicate accordingly. In the event that significant action is required we are prepared and resourced appropriately.

For recent travel guidelines:

COVID-19 facts from Dr. Rai (Prevea):

To help guide conversations with your child/children:

L-C's Robillard, Doell garner All-NEC honors

A successful 2019-20 basketball campaign for the Luxemburg-Casco Spartans basketball team saw two players receive North Eastern Conference awards.  Junior Ryan Robillard and Sophomore Logan Doell were selected 1st team all-conference.  Robillard averaged 17.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and three rebounds per game for the Spartans.  Doell led the Spartans, who finished 16-8) in scoring with a 18.3 record.  Luxemburg-Casco made it to the regional final in Division 2 before bowing out to Seymour 68-56 last Saturday. 


(photo courtesy of Ron LeCloux)

Spartans fall short in regional final to Seymour on WBDK

The Luxemburg-Casco Spartan boys stayed with the #1 seeded Seymour Thunder for nearly the entire game but came up short 68-56 in a WIAA Division II regional final Saturday night in Seymour on WBDK 96.7 FM.  The #5 Spartans withstood Seymour runs in the first half to be within three points 30-27 going into halftime. 


The second half saw the Thunder open up a nine point lead in the second half only to see Luxemburg-Casco close within three points in the final three minutes.  Seymour reponded by hitting key free throws and shutting down the Spartans at the end to come away with the 12 point victory. 


Seymour was led by Mason Dorn with 23 points and Brock Volkman who hit five key pointers for 15 points.  Ryan Robillard scored 15 for the Spartans and senior Carter Sewell added 13.  Senior Matt Cravillion scored seven of his nine points in the second half to keep the Spartans close. 


Luxemburg-Casco (16-9) graduates four seniors Mason Renard and Matt Dorn along with Sewell and Cravillion.  Seymour (23-1) will now advance to the sectionals next Thursday to play the #3 seeded Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts.

Spartans stun Ashaubenon on WBDK, play for regional final against Seymour Saturday

The Luxemburg-Casco Spartan boys played their best game of the season and upset the Ashwaubenon Jaguars 70-47 in a WIAA regional semi-final Friday night.  #4 seeded Ashwaubenon started fast taking a six point lead  early in the game thanks to three three-point shots by Matt Imig.  The # 5 seeded Spartans responded by changing defense to a man-to-man and went on a run to take a 30-24 lead at halftime.  Using a patient offense and relentless defense in the second half the Spartans forced numerous Jaguar turnovers and hit free throws to build a 24 point lead.  Ryan Robillard scored 19 points to lead the Spartans while Carter Sewell added 14 and Logan Doell and Peyton Mrotek chipped in 12.  The Spartans (16-8) will now face Seymour (22-1) in the regional final at Seymour High School Saturday night.  # 1 seeded Seymour defeated  # 9 Green Bay Southwest 88-81Pregame will be at 6:30 with tip off at 7 pm on WBDK 96.7 FM.  Paul Schmitt and Grant Dossetto will have the call and the game will be streamed on  


(photo courtesy Ron LeCloux)