Luxemburg-Casco High School

Luxemburg-Casco Soccer Senior Day: Madi VandenBush

Today we are honoring Madilyn VandenBush, the first of our three seniors. During her soccer career, Madi has overcome a lot of obstacles but has maintained a positive attitude. Right before her junior season she tore her ACL. However, she did not let this stop her from being a part of a sport she loves. Madi put in a lot of hard work to rehab and get ready to play again. The coaches were very impressed with Madi’s work ethic this off-season and the positive role model she became for the other players. Unfortunately, Madi tore her ACL again right before her senior season of soccer was supposed to start. Once again she remained positive and immediately said she still wanted to be a part of the team as a manager this year. Sitting on the bench watching teammates play can be difficult but I think this shows a lot about Madi’s character that she was willing to still be there for her teammates. Madilyn's positive personality will be greatly missed next year.